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Episode 76 – The Anatomy of a Good RPG

If you want to forget about the real world, invest your time in a role-playing video game. From their humble tabletop origins, the RPG has grown and evolved into the most dominant and ambitious game genre. 

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Episode 28 – I Thought She Was With You

A look at the state of superhero films in 2016. We give our thoughts on DC’s direction, the introduction of magic into the Marvel cinematic universe, and exude our high hopes for the Wonder Woman film.

Episode 27 – That’s So Wizard

Still high on Star Wars, we attempt to tackle the copious amount of rumors and theories swirling around the Interweb regarding the major players in The Force Awakens. And mututally vote on their plausibility!

Episode 26 – The Force Awakens Reaction Special

It’s the episode that’s been years in the making! A bunch of us saw The Force Awakens together on opening night, and what follows is a recording of our reactions upon arriving home. It’s quite the beautiful mess.

Episode 25 – Sarah’s Dad is Coming to Town

The Boldly Going Somewhere team is in the holiday spirit! We take a brief hiatus from talking about Star Wars (don’t worry, not for long) to wax nostalgic over Christmas specials from our favorite shows and movies.

Episode 24 – Just Let It In, James

It’s one week until The Force Awakens opens, and James returns from his virus-induced hibernation to discuss hype and hope for the film with Louis. This is a direct follow-up to Episode 1 (no, that that one) of this podcast.

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