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Episode 78 – Piss Off, Ghost!

We can best describe Thor: Ragnarok as “a Thor movie for people who don’t like Thor”. Taika Waititi’s inaugural contribution to the MCU is one of the most hilarious entries to date.

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Episode 42 – Gerard Butler’s Pudgy Cheeks

In homage to the excellent podcast How Did This Get Made?, we watched the horrendous Gods of Egypt and talk about the absolute absurdity of it. There’s also a nice chat about Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Episode 41 – So You Like Cats?

We get together to discuss Captain America: Civil War – what we liked (most of it), what didn’t work (not much), comparisons to the comic series (which was pretty bad), and the introduction of popular characters.

Episode 40 – Better on Cable?

Ever watch your favorite series and think “What if this was on HBO instead?” In this episode we explore the possibilities of certain properties being brought to HBO, Showtime, Netflix, or Hulu, instead of network television.

Episode 39 – Mass Effect: Your Shepard, Your Story

Presenting the first episode in a ongoing series about everyone’s favorite space commander – that’s right, we’re talking Mass Effect! For the inaugural discussion, we share triumphant and tragic stories of our ‘canon’ Shepards.

Episode 38 – Uncharted Territory

We spend some quality time talking about the Uncharted series of games – the nuts and bolts of why they are so well done, how Nathan Drake manages as a protagonist, and why keep coming back to them.

Episode 37 – Good to Be Bad

We all love the bad guy sometimes. Whether it’s a character we can relate to, or one we just love watching wreak havoc. Fact is, no hero is worth a damn without a good nemesis. So it’s time to talk about some of our favorite villains.

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