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Episode 74 – Dragon Con 2017 Trivia Contest!

Dragon Con 2017 marked the first official Boldly Going Somewhere “Trivia” Contest, in which a group of sixteen mostly-willing contestants faced off in a battle royale that tested the limits of their convention knowledge and general sense of humor.

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Episode 49 – Guilty Pleasures

Admit it – you have at least one guilty pleasure. A movie that you know is terrible, but you love anyway. There’s nothing wrong that. In this episode, we confess ours to each other and vote for the worst choice.

Episode 48 – Calibrate Your Riblets

This week we confer over the under-appreciated art of voice acting in video games and animation. Enjoy this in-depth conversation about our favorite voice artists and how the industry has changed over the years.

Episode 47 – Up to Eleven

Netflix’s new series Stranger Things came out of nowhere and took our lives by storm. Join us for a review of the amazing horror/drama/sci-fi/80’s montage and our attempt to answer some lingering questions the finale left us.

Episode 46 – Well That’s Neat

We get together to talk about the news coming out of San Diego Comic Con this year – the absolutely incredible trailer for Wonder Woman, a first look at Justice League, and all the other tantalizing tidbits to hit our feeds.

Thoughts on Being a Witcher

Last night I finished my playthrough of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I started playing the game when it was released back in May of 2015 and just finished the last DLC. It’s been my single greatest gaming journey ever.

Episode 45 – From Page to Screen

We’re back from a short hiatus with an epic episode! This week we’re discussing screen adaptations of our favorite novels, and ones that never should have been made. It’s a fervent look into the screenwriting process.

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