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Episode 77 – This is Halloween!

In our first official Halloween episode we talk about our favorite childhood memories, like carting around pillowcases full of candy and being creepily lured in condos (wait, what?). Join us in a spooky journey into aural terror – if you dare!

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Episode 58 – Rogue One Review

Another year, another Star Wars movie. That’s the reality we live in now. With quantity however comes an inevitable loss of quality, and that’s sort of how we feel about Rogue One. It could have been something more.

Episode 57 – The Accidental X-Files

Normally when we record an episode, some of us stick around on Skype to just chat and hang out. In this particular case, we had so much to say on a particular topic that we just turned it into an episode!

Episode 56 – What Would Matlock Do?

Over half the crew gets together to reminisce about the best TV shows and video games from our formative years. Find out what show Bohler skipped school to watch and what our favorite cartoons series were.

Episode 54 – The McGuyver Rises

This week is all about some of the best fall television (and Netflix) premieres, including Westworld and Luke cage. And as added bonus, we also attempt to (hilariously) provide plot synopsis for yet unseen new shows.

Episode 53 – I Am No Man

When you think of strong female protagonists in science fiction roles, who comes to mind? More importantly, how many characters can you list? We chat about the past and present representation of women these genres.

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