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Episode 78 – Piss Off, Ghost!

We can best describe Thor: Ragnarok as “a Thor movie for people who don’t like Thor”. Taika Waititi’s inaugural contribution to the MCU is one of the most hilarious entries to date.

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The Occasionally Obsessive Gamer

I’m not what you’d call a casual gamer, nor am I hardcore. I can easily go months without turning on a console or launching some “free”-to-play game on my iPhone, but if I do get sucked into something it becomes an obsession.

Spoiled Rotten

So it looks like it’s time for that discussion again – let’s talk about spoilers. Or rather, when is it appropriate to openly post about them? It’s all very subjective. Do you wait until an episode has aired?

5 Tragic Antagonists You Shouldn’t Feel Sympathy For

On occasion, we find ourselves watching or reading about antagonists (a.k.a. “bad guys”) who are far more fun than the heroes they’re struggling against. But sometimes an antagonist receives far more sympathy than they really deserve.

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