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Episode 73 – Netflix Roulette with Krrish

With Bohler stuck in West Palm Beach, Louis helps him pass the time by playing a round of Netflix Roulette, and oh boy, did they pick a winner – the massively successful Bollywood superhero film Krrish.

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20 Hard Truths Geeks Need to Accept

Let’s be honest with each other – if there’s one thing we (the collective geek population) does well, it’s raging over travesties that affect our personal obsessions or sense of nostaglia. It comes with the territory.

Titanfall Review

Welcome to the first ever game review for Boldly Going Somewhere! To kick things off, we’re reviewing the mega-hit TItanfall for the Xbox One.

Fantastic Fail

So there’s a new Fantastic Four movie on the horizon. It’s going to suck. This has absolutely nothing to do with the casting, and everything to do with the story.

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