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Episode 79 – The Last Jedi Review

You already know we have strong feelings about Star Wars, so as you can imagine we have a lot to say about The Last Jedi – easily the most divisive film yet of the new trilogy.

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Episode 2 – Attack of the Thrones

For the second episode, we discuss what’s on everyone’s mind as of late – Game of Thrones. Join us as we review Season 4, share the moments that had us screaming like little girls, and learn the intricate history of Bro-vos.

Episode 1 – Force-Colored Goggles

Hey, listen! We finally recorded the first episode for our new podcast series, Boldly Going Somewhere. To kick things off, we discuss the hot topic of the last few months – Star Wars: Episode VII and all the changes it brings.

The Star Wars: Episode VII Death List

Let’s just face the facts – Star Wars: Episode VII will be upon us in a year and a half. I never thought I’d say that, let alone write it (especially in May), but so be it. Here are five beloved characters that might die in the the upcoming film.

5 Annoying Plot Holes Created by Sequels

Every so often, a sequel to a popular film creates unintended continuity problems that discredit or ignore major plot points from it’s predecessor. Usually it’s not a big deal, and these oversights go unnoticed by many – but not to me

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