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Episode 76 – The Anatomy of a Good RPG

If you want to forget about the real world, invest your time in a role-playing video game. From their humble tabletop origins, the RPG has grown and evolved into the most dominant and ambitious game genre. 

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5 Annoying Plot Holes Created by Sequels

Every so often, a sequel to a popular film creates unintended continuity problems that discredit or ignore major plot points from it’s predecessor. Usually it’s not a big deal, and these oversights go unnoticed by many – but not to me

Why ‘Normals’ in Comics Worry Me

There’s a problem that exists in the Marvel and DC universes which just freaks me the hell out. Beyond the monsters, both scientific and fantastical, there are beings whose existence in those worlds is just “wrong.”

The Occasionally Obsessive Gamer

I’m not what you’d call a casual gamer, nor am I hardcore. I can easily go months without turning on a console or launching some “free”-to-play game on my iPhone, but if I do get sucked into something it becomes an obsession.

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