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Episode 76 – The Anatomy of a Good RPG

If you want to forget about the real world, invest your time in a role-playing video game. From their humble tabletop origins, the RPG has grown and evolved into the most dominant and ambitious game genre. 

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Episode 13 – The Arrow and The Devil

Arrow. Daredevil. Two iconic characters that have recently undergone a major resurgence on two great television shows. But which series is stronger? We take a deep look at the similarities and differences between the two.

Episode 12 – Triforce Transporter

Recent backlash over the film Pixels (currently rating a whopping 18% on Rotten Tomatoes) leads us on a path to find an answer to a burning question: why are movies based on video games so terrible?

Episode 11 – The Star Wars EU-logy Special

Star Wars fans – you owe it to yourselves to take this emotional journey down memory lane. We’re joined by the lovely ladies of Avenging Force and pour our collective hearts out over the death of the Expanded Universe.

Episode 9 – In a World…

Here’s a thought experiment: let’s say you were taken away, as you are, and forced to live out your days in a sci-fi/fantasy/geekdom world or universe. Now choose one and then see if you agree with our picks!

Episode 8 – Crazy Taxi is Crazy

Two special guests join the program to tackle an elephant in the room – the video games industry. Join us as we lament over the now common practices of timed DLC and merchant-specific pre-order bonuses.

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