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Episode 76 – The Anatomy of a Good RPG

If you want to forget about the real world, invest your time in a role-playing video game. From their humble tabletop origins, the RPG has grown and evolved into the most dominant and ambitious game genre. 

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Episode 19 – Growing Up Nerdy

Avenging Force is back to discuss a more personal topic – growing up nerdy. We talk about family interactions, how we had support (and were picked on) for our interests, and what it was like loving fantasy and sci-fi in the pre-Internet era.

Episode 18 – Survival of the Drunkest

We wake up for long enough to offer some helpful tips and tricks for surviving the geek mecca that is known as Dragon Con. Catch some useful tidbits on navigation, personal care, and costuming.

Episode 17 – Dragon Road

Witness us and hitch a ride on the historic Dragon Road! This episode was recorded and streamed live from Dragon Con 2015 with a bunch of our wonderful friends. We talk about the con, what it means to us, and swap stories.

Episode 16 – Spark of Rebellion

In a frantic, last-ditch effort to get an episode recorded before DragonCon, we pick an easy topic of discussion – Star Wars Rebels. How does the fledgling show compare against the long-running Clone Wars series?

Episode 15 – Erik Lehnsherr, Nazi Hunter

Boldly Going Somewhere is here to open up another can of theoretical worms. The topic: villains that deserve their own film. Covering comics, games, cartoons, and movies, we each list of our top picks and vote on them.

Episode 14 – Frog Blast the Vent Core!

Two special guests join the show to discuss the past, present and future of the popular game developer Bungie. We get nostalgic over the olden days of Macintosh gaming and review their complicated history.

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