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Episode 79 – The Last Jedi Review

You already know we have strong feelings about Star Wars, so as you can imagine we have a lot to say about The Last Jedi – easily the most divisive film yet of the new trilogy.

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Episode 25 – Sarah’s Dad is Coming to Town

The Boldly Going Somewhere team is in the holiday spirit! We take a brief hiatus from talking about Star Wars (don’t worry, not for long) to wax nostalgic over Christmas specials from our favorite shows and movies.

Episode 24 – Just Let It In, James

It’s one week until The Force Awakens opens, and James returns from his virus-induced hibernation to discuss hype and hope for the film with Louis. This is a direct follow-up to Episode 1 (no, that that one) of this podcast.

Episode 23 – Your New Robot Overlords

For a change of pace, we dive into some deep topics this week such as biohacking, evolution, transhumanism and, of course, robots. It’s a smorgasbord of critical study and thought experiments. And we barely even mention Robopenises!

Jen Loves Movies – 365 in 365

Winter is coming (no, really, it is). The days are getting shorter and the air is getting colder, so there’s no better time to stay inside and watch all the things. With this in mind, I plan to watch 365 movies in 365 days.

Episode 22 – The Great Microtransction Debate

When a modern video game is released, it’s pretty much guaranteed to offer some form of additional paid content beyond the initial purchase. That makes some people mad. Others don’t mind. What do you think?