I have half a mind to rename this blog “The Gamut of Mass Effect”. One day I’ll stop posting about it, but for now there’s something else I have to share. My lovely and talented wife has been hard at work over the past few months creating me a set of N7 Armor from Mass Effect 2. It will make it’s debut at Dragon*Con this year.

The entire process thus far has been a learning experience, mainly for her, and the set is about 2-3 weeks away from being finished. Now that I think about it, I should have her do a guest post here after it’s all said and done to share some tips and tricks with everyone. But for now, I’ll share a few things I’ve discovered.

Since she’s been focused on the armor, on my end I’ve had to worry about more about the logistics, like finding the best way to transport everything down, what I can use in terms of cooling, along with what weapon I wanted to lug around with me.

They look pretty good for foam!

They look pretty good for foam!

At first, I thought it would be a bright idea to purchase the official M8 Avenger replica from Triforce. So plopped down a chunk of change on it. Upon receipt, I found it to be one of the more beautiful sights I’ve seen. The detail is impeccable, and it even has LED lights built it. However, after some deliberation and input from my wife and friends, I scrapped the idea of lugging it around. Why? Because it’s 20 pounds, and made of polystone. If I was to drop it, it would shatter pretty easily. And while 20 pounds may not seem like much, it is when you’re trying to carefully navigate a crowd for hours on end.

So I went back to the drawing board for a gun. Thankfully, after some searching I ran across AscensionProps. They make detailed foam replicas of Mass Effect guns. There are actually a lot of people making foam replicas out there, but from the pictures I saw these seem to be the most detailed. I wasn’t disappointed either.

I don’t have a reference pic right now of foam M8 versus the Triforce replica, but you can get the idea. Something I’ve been reminded of is the ” ten foot rule” – slight imperfections in a costume or prop are hardly noticed when someone is taking a picture of you from 10 feet away. So in the end, I’m very happy I went down this route, and carrying around a ~1 pound foam gun will make it a much more pleasurable experience.

Right now, I’m looking into options for cooling. If there’s one downside to wearing awesome costumes at Dragon*Con, it’s sweating up a storm. I’m also looking for a good case I can use to transport everything while we fly down. If the costume and guns will fit into this, I’ll be able to bring it along as checked baggage without the hassle of shipping it down.

So stay tuned! More updates should be coming soon, along with pictures of me wearing everything. For now, enjoy some pictures of the chest piece being formed:


Fitting some of the overlay pieces

Breather mask for the win!