Bioware announced today that in an effort to appease fans, such as myself, they will be releasing an “Extended Cut” DLC pack for Mass Effect 3 this summer to help clarify and expand on the game’s “ending”. This falls in line with what they announced when the ending hubub first came about. And honestly, it’s what I expected. I’m not ecstatic about it, as the details are still uncertain, but if this helps shed some light on what happened to my team after the “RGB disco party”, then I’m all for it. I started a new play-through on Insanity, and I’ll slowly chip away on that until this comes out. So much for the indoctrination theory.

I admire Bioware for standing their ground in not changing the essence of the ending, just providing clarification. I’m still convinced that they didn’t plan for the level of personal connection that the game brought, and the fact that we all want to see what happens to our friends. And they are our friends, not matter what you say. We aren’t owed complete closure, by any means, but I’ll take the bone they throw at us.

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