marvel puzzle quest dark reign screenAs I write this article, I’m waiting for my precious health packs to recharge so I can fight more of these H.A.M.M.E.R. goons. Not groking what I’m putting down? Maybe you haven’t played Marvel Puzzle Quest. It’s a free (if you have self control) mobile game available for both iPhone and Android platforms and it’s horribly addictive. It’s so addictive, I’ve been having trouble maintaining my primary addiction: Skyrim.

I recently began playing Skyrim again after a brief two year sabbatical. When I was gifted it, I had been playing the original Phantasy Star (for the Sega Master System) on a collection of Sega games for my PlayStation 3. This in turn distracted me from finishing Shadows of the Damned, a sweet little joint from Suda 51 (one of my favorite developers). But that’s okay, because I was only playing Shadows of the Damned when I wasn’t feeling the cutesy fun of Ni No Kuni, Studio Ghibli’s role playing answer to the Final Fantasy series. Ni No Kuni was a Christmas present that temporarily ended my epic Doom play through. You see, back in October, the PlayStation Store had a sale on Doom 3: BFG Edition and I snatched it up when I was looking at DLC for Injustice: Gods Among Us. I’d been in the process of playing that because The Last of Us had drained me emotionally and I wanted to play something a bit more fun.

Maintaining a distraction is hard work, especially if you have a full-time job, friends, significant others, pets, hobbies, etc. How do you juggle games? When do you go from the current gen system to dusting off the RF cables and playing a little Mike Tyson’s Punchout? It’s all a little much, isn’t it? I’m still sitting on my copy of Mass Effect 2, waiting until my distractions seem a little less distracting.

Oh well, my classic Storm is ready to earn me more Iso-8, so back to the Puzzle Quest I go.