Dragon Con is essentially the lifeblood of this show, and we continue to up the ante when it comes recording in our cramped Marriott room. This year marked the first official Boldly Going Somewhere “Trivia” Contest, in which a group of sixteen mostly-willing contestants faced off in a battle royale that tested the limits of their convention knowledge and general sense of humor.

What ensued was three thrilling rounds of Dragon Con related questions and answers – more or less in a Cards Against Humanity format. Those who suffered defeat had the opportunity to dig through the Bag of Shame™, while the victors fought through to claim one of the coveted discount trophies from Party City.

So whether you’re a career attendee, or this year was your first, it’s an episode worth listening to for the sheer creativity of our contestants and the hilarity that naturally ensues from every episode we make at our home away from home.


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Show Notes

  • A huge thanks to everyone who showed up! This was a massive success, and whether you joined in the game or just provided choice background commentary, we appreciate all your support. We do this show because it’s fun, but seeing everyone gathered together and getting a chance to chat with some of you makes doing this all the more special.
  • As mentioned, official Boldly Going Somewhere apparel is now available in our Spreadshirt Store. There’s several designs available, and you can also choose from a wide variety of products to sport our logo on.
  • Shout out to Laura DeGlopper for designing our new logo!
  • Photo Credit: Sarah Brown, Flickr

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