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We’re less than two months away until the next release in our favorite sci-fi action RPG series, and we couldn’t be more excited! Mass Effect Andromeda is shaping up to be a stellar addition to the franchise, so to quell our giddiness we decided to sit down and talk about what we know so far about the game. We form a few predictions and theories based on current evidence about the gameplay, plot and the new (and hopefully interesting) adversary – The Archon.

And being of critical importance, we also discuss what is known so far about our future crew mates and single out who we plan to romance before we even get to meet them. Because in spite of saving the galaxy (or whatever), we need to figure out who we’ll bang, OK?

And please, once you listen to this episode, share your excitement with us! We can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Though it may not need saying, spoilers for the OT Mass Effect games.

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