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Kristen, Jess, Steve, Corrine, Seth, Melody, Kris, Dave, Billy, Jen, Surprise!Karen, Daeva, John, Loren


It’s our 50th episode! And we did this one live from Dragon Con 2016. This is undoubtedly our biggest show yet, and we have many amazing people to thank for that. During the course of this extravaganza, Louis calms his nerves by drinking way too much Fireball and goads many wonderful people into talking about their favorite Dragon Con memories. Hear tales from years past of friendship, blossoming romance, trash robot costumes and cocaine.

While this may not be the best episode to straight up listen to, it’s certainly one of the most entertaining. Thankfully though, there’s a video available for context:

Sharing their lovely memories, in order of appearance, are:

14311388_10208411835308021_7646669309775550563_o– Kristen
– Jess
– Steve
– Corrine
– Seth
– Melody
– Kris
– Dave
– Felicia
– Dustin
– Andrew
– Teija
– Bohler
– Billy
– Jen
– Sarah
– James
– Surprise!Karen
– Daeva
– John
– Loren

Huge thanks to everyone involved in this recording, who watched the live stream, or just continue to support our budding podcast. We couldn’t do this without you. Also, be sure to check out Robot Party Week for the follow-up to this episode! Seth and Daeva have a great show and you should give it a listen.

Show Notes

  • I (Louis) got pre-gamed too much and forgot to change the mic from cardioid to omnidirectional. Whoops! As a result the audio isn’t the best it could be, but after some work it’s definitely listenable.
  • Also, apparently I say “it’s fine” a lot and flub people’s names when I drink. So apologies for that.
  • Once again, for context please watch the video of the live stream on our Facebook page.
  • Bohler’s Post-Apocolypic Costume
  • Spider James!
  • Man-Six
  • John Tells Spider-Man What’s What

As a bonus, here’s some more photos Kristen took of the event:


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Photographer – Kristen Schlicht