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Presenting the first episode in a ongoing series about everyone’s favorite space commander – that’s right, we’re talking Mass Effect! For the inaugural discussion, the gang shares triumphant and tragic stories of their ‘canon’ playthrough characters – Teija Shepard, Verity Shepard-Vakarian, Angelina Shepard and Lou (Diamond) Shepard.

Covering a range of topics such as romance, friendships, regrets, loss and victories, we examine whether our Shepards are an extension of our individual personalities, or just who we picture ourselves to be in the incredible galaxy crafted by BioWare. So grab your datapad, have a listen, and then let us know about your Shepard’s story!

Show Notes

Here’s links to some of the silly things we play in this episode:

Garrus in middle of some calibrations!
Mass Effect Machinima – Blasto – The Hanar Spectre
Mass Effect – “I should go”

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