Let’s be honest with each other – if there’s one thing we (the collective geek population) does well, it’s raging over travesties that affect our personal obsessions or sense of nostaglia. It comes with the territory. We’re a very passionate bunch of people who get personally invested in television shows, have brains that are literally mini-Wikipedia’s filled with assorted sci-fi trivia, and who stay up until 2am reading novels under the dim glow of a book light.

These things, while making us wonderful, also tend to blind us to the harsh realities of the world. We get too wrapped up with the way things should be. Fact of the matter is big media only cares about money, the general populous doesn’t see things the way we do, and not everything we get upset over deserves our our resentment.

So to that end, let’s have a little intervention, shall we? Compiled below is a list of 20 hard truths that you might want to consider:

1.  Most of us owe Jake Lloyd an apology. Episode 1 wasn’t his fault, he was 9 years old. George Lucas was the writer and director and should be the source of your frustration. Always.

2.  Firefly wasn’t cancelled because Fox is clueless. It was cancelled because it was very expensive to make and was under-watched by network standards. Would you recommend that Fox had moved Mal and the crew to fight against the cast of Friends? Your season 1 DVD would now have a total of 4 episodes in that scenario. Also, sorry – it’s never coming back.

3.  The Big Bang Theory is popular whether you want it to be or not.

4.  A naval squadron forced the end to the feudal era in Japan. Pirates beat ninjas, every time.

5.  Michael Bay will keep ruining your childhood because no talented director actually wants to make movies from your childhood.

Do you even lift, bro?

Do you even lift, bro?

6.  There are over 200 SyFy original films. Someone is clearly watching them.

7.  The best live action Superman material resides somewhere in the 10 seasons of Smallville.

8.  The Spaceship of the Imagination is nostalgically fun in the original Cosmos. The new one just looks like a Nubian Royal Starship.

To the Naboo system!

To the Naboo system!

9.  NASA is underfunded and will continue to be. Sharing your annoyance about this on social networks does nothing.

10.  Joss Whedon can make mistakes. Look at Tara Maclay. She was a replacement character that had no character for 2 years. It was like if Bella Swan had a weekly show.

11.  The show Enterprise got the ending that it deserved.

An entire series that was Riker's twisted holodeck fantasy.

An entire series that was Riker’s twisted holodeck fantasy.

12.  Han Solo was a drug mule.

13.  You can recommend a book/movie/show to a friend three times. After that they didn’t “just forget” –  they don’t want to read/watch whatever it is. They’re being polite, so leave it alone.

14.  George Takei isn’t that funny. Those are all re-posts from Reddit.

15.  Even Katee Sackhoff doesn’t know what Starbuck was.

She has to be sick of hearing about it.

She has to be sick of hearing about it.

16.  The Doctor will eventually be re-cast to someone you think is wrong for the role. Complaining about it won’t help or change anything.

17.  (For Brits) The Doctor may be played by an American one day. Spider-man, Batman and Superman have all been played by non-Americans, so don’t pretend that your icon is safe.

18. Lost was a character-driven drama set upon the backdrop of a weird island to keep things interesting. You’ll never get the answers you want.

19. No matter how much you love a show, odds are you’ll hate the series finale.

20. Being a geek is mainstream now and no longer the niche it once was.