We live in a world where a major event in geek culture can generate so much buzz it effectively “Breaks the Internet,” filling our sites and social streams with outcries and opinions.

So since we’re constantly living on the edge of this happening, let’s take a look at a few theoretical headlines that would bring the collective masses to their knees.

1.  Norman Reedus Joins Game of Thrones

2.  Caffeine Reclassified as a Schedule I Drug

3.  Microsoft Purchases EA for $3 Billion

4.  Netflix Announces End to Streaming Services; Launches New Cable Network

5.  AMC Announces Season 6 of Breaking Bad

6.  Nick Fury’s Revelation on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “Hail Hydra”

7.  Cowboy Bebop Live Action Series Coming Soon to HBO Content goes here

8.  George Lucas to Release Previously Unknown Original Cut of Revenge of the Jedi

9.  Third Hobbit Film to be Split into Three Parts

10.  Indiana Jones Reboot Finds it’s Lead: Channing Tatum

11.  Mysterious Virus Seems to Reanimate the Dead

12.  The Simpsons Finally Cancelled

13.  Pirate Bay to Hand Over All Records to the FBI

14.  Severus Snape Prequel Film Series Announced

15.  YouTube Imposes 15MB File Size Limit

16.  Google to Begin Charging $5 Annual Fee for Access to Services

17.  Wikipedia Shuts Down Due to Lack of Funds

18.  Marvel Comics Abandons Print; Announces All-Digital Future

19.  Artificial Radio Signals from Alpha Centauri Solar System Confirmed

20.  Disney Buys Rights to DC Comics from Time Warner